City of Veneta offers water conservation tips

6 Jul

In its annual water quality report, the City of Veneta offers some helpful water conservation tips:

Outdoor conservation tips:

When washing a car, use a bucket and sponge. Wash car on grass if possible to recycle water.

Sweep sidewalks and driveways instead of hosing them down.

If you have automatic sprinklers, be sure to turn them off if rainfall has been sufficient for your yard’s needs.

Use native or drought-resistant plants that will minimize long-term water consumption.

Indoor Conservation tips:

Check your toilet periodically for leaks; toilets are the number one water consuming fixture indoors.

Turn off water while brushing your teeth or shaving, rather than running a steady stream.

Limit showers to five minutes.

For efficient water use make sure dishwasher and washing machine are full before running.

Avoid using your toilet for a wastebasket or ashtray; extra flushes waste water and money.

Keep a pitcher of drinking water in teh refrigerator. This will save water you might otherwise waste when you let the faucet run until the water is cool.

Retrofit all outdated water fixtures with newer water-conserving fixtures.


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